June 9, 2011

New Costume Available: Desert Shadow Garb!

Desert Shadow Garb

Desert Shadow Garb
 4,000 gPotatoes
Sale: 3,000 gPotatoes 
An outfit from a faraway place where the caravan camels roam.

This Package Contains:
(1) Turban of Desert Shadow (P. Atk +1%/M. Atk +1%)
(1) Gloves of Desert Shadow (P. Def +1%/M. Def +1%)
(1) Boots of Desert Shadow (P. Def +1%/M. Def +1%)
(1) Costume of Desert Shadow (Max HP +1%/Max MP +1%)
**The Desert Shadow Garb equips into decorative equipment slots**

This week in the Item Shop you can pick up one of our many limited availability costumes, as well as the all new Desert Shadow Garb for 25% off the normal price. Give your Rappelz character an exotic new look!

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