January 11, 2011

More about Epic 7.2

New (poke) loots - Idk why but the 2nd one looks like Yu-gi-ho! head.
Staged *new pet* Ice Queen

Staged Gnoll
Devil Girl

New Deco stuffs that really looks stupid -imo-
Staged angel...

In the Korean Test Server there's a new R7 cloak ( hallelujah!)

 Witch Quest Dungeon Video

Some info:

Boss Cards:
  • Boss cards are cards that enable its character to increase stats. In order to acquire a boss cards, players must have interest on hunting boss monster.
  • There are total of 27 different Boss Cards.
  •  A boss monster card is impossible to summon and enhance. It can only be equipped through a belt slot that increases avatar's abilities. Boss Monster Card is also superior rather than a normal creature cards.

Hidden Dungeon Weapons:
  • There are additional weapons made especially for gamers exploring the Hidden Dungeons. In acquiring them, players have the chance to collect better items. What's more, Rappelz also have the Ergon Ratos Set. This is a powerful magical outfit set with 3 kind of gear like Armor, Gloves, and Boots. Experience a mysterious ancient magic power with this Magical Set!
  • Players can only get this set at the Dungeon of Espoir.
Creature Farm:
  • The Creature Farm is located at the Front side of Rondo Southgate. It is a consignment system for users who have numerous creatures. Players can now drop off their creature to Sonya, the owner of the farm, by using cash items. These items can vary in the form of potions, gears, and empty creature cards. In addition, this farm manages and helps the creatures to level up for a certain period of time.


  • Players can leave their creature card at NPC for their creature
  • to level up.
  • Only 1 creature is available for each character.
  • Players will have to pay in advance to buy a creature farm pass 
  • for them to leave their creature at farm.
  • Creature left in the farm will level up automatically.
  • Creature with animal crackers will levelup faster in the farm.
  • The animal cracker is only available to use when leaving the 
  • creature.
  • Different grade, evolution grade, and enchanted level would need 
  • different creature farm pass.
  • The creature left in the farm's level will not exceed the character 
  • level.
  • The maximum growth level is 100
  • Players can leave their creature at the farm for 3 to 7 days

 Belt System 

  • The This new patch has added more slots to RZ’s belt system. A card that can be equipped in each slot. This means greater chances of skill improvement and aggression. Slots 1-3 can be be opened by using a Belt Enhancing Kit while slots 4-5 can only be opened with the Special Belt Enhancing Kit.

All the pictures were taken from the Rappelz forum. I really dont know exacly who posted them. 
If you would like some credit for this pictures, please contact me to shadowheartsguild[at]hotmail[dot]comor leave a comment.

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