January 25, 2011

Boss Event!

This is the new guild event happening in ShadowHearts Guild Fenrir server.

Take a picture of one field (Silex, Kiscia, Stormbringer...) /dungeon (Soul Seeker, Betty...) boss and make a short story about this boss, like his history. Be creative! You can use Photoshop and do it how ever u like.
The harder the boss more chance to win, but the story must be a good one, ill chose the winner.
  • Event can be posted in SH guild facebook group or here in forum. 
  • One entry per member.  
  • You have till Feb 19 to summit ur entry.  
  • Try to be in the picture - be honest.

How can u start the story?
You can use this tips: How was born, from where, why is he so evil, who are those babies around him (in case of field bosses) his location, how many yrs that boss been there and stuffs like that.

Use your imagination! Winner gets 5 SS and 5 AC

Good Luck everyone!

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