December 11, 2010

Special Sale Alert! ★

Hidden Village Pass 50% Off

90 Day Hidden Village Pass Sale
Available in the Item Shop all weekend, 90 Day Hidden Village Passes 50% Off! Get a VIP ticket to the most exclusive city in Rappelz for three whole months!
Check out the Item Shop today!

Travel Pass to Hidden Village ( 90days)
Travel Pass to Hidden Village ( 90days)  4,500 gPotatoes
Sale: 2,250 gPotatoes

Travel Pass to Hidden Village ( 90days)

* Effect
This is a ticket to enter Hidden Village. In Hidden Village you can buy NPC items cheaper, teleport to your favorite locations, and the exchange rate for Lak is higher. You will also be able to rent an Ornito or Lydian that lasts 72 hours. While in possesion of the pass you will recover twice as much stamina online and offline.

(More services will be added continuously.)

* How to use / Caution
- No item will appear in the inventory. Instead a membership buff will appear in the top left portion of the screen

- This will last for 90 days from the time of purchase.

- If used while still under the effect of a Ticket, 90 days will be added at the end of the current effect.

- Cannot be traded with other characters.

- When purchased this allows all of your characters to travel to Hidden Village.

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