October 24, 2010

Naked Race #3

Today my guild has naked race. A Naked race is running from one place to another naked: no buffs, no gear, no pots, no mounts.  We ran from Katan to Rondo.  Today race prices were:

1st place: loot bunny + 3ss + 3ac
2nd place: e.hawk + 2 ss + 2ac
3rd place epro + 1 ss + ac
4th place hair color
5th place hair color 

The Winners:
  1. Nekromanta
  2. xxUndertakerxx
  3. PetGrower
  4. AzraelAkenahru
  5. TheBlindSlave
I took some pictures of the event.
Getting ready

In Katan

In the Desert

Near Rondo


I also wanna thx and gz to Retribution Alliance (ShadowHearts, Villanousity and Essence) who won  the Siege yesterday @ PP1! 
Was awesome!
 Thx for reading!

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  1. That is freaking hilarious! Good job guys, that is really a great example of guilds coming together and DOING stuff besides just dping, haha! Kudos!

    As I am,

    xxxMUSICIANSxxx (Tortus server) Lvl 60 Champ


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