October 24, 2010

Interviewing Nekromanta

  • Joined ShadowHearts:  20 Feb 2009
  • Guild co-Leader
  • Guild recruiter
  • Pvp addict

Main Character name: Nekromanta
Class: Shadow Hunter
Lv or Rank: R7
Pet you use with Main: Harpy
Location: Poland
Guild: Shadow Hearts
How long u been playing Rappelz? Uhm... 2-2,5y
Tell us about ur character: No, I'm shy
Why that name? Nekromanta means necromancer. I don't remember why I've chosen this name, but I like it.
Why that class? Because I got bored of CM and I always loved shadow hunters :p
Your favorite pet and why? I like hawks... I don't know why, but I like them Razz
How did u knew about Rappelz? From google Wink
Do u remember the epic and how was it? Epic 4 ! I miss it damn much...
What you like about Rappelz? My guild.
What would you change about it? I wish non-pet classes were stronger.
Tell us ur best or funniest moment in Rappelz: Most sieges were funny :p
The worst thing it ever happened to you (in game): Got scammed
Do you have more characters? Yeah, a lot of them.
What do u expect of the future of the game? Free ss and more quests Razz
What are ur in-game plans? I want to get all +4 sh cards, r7 harpy, +20 xbow and I'd like to reach 155 in one, two years...
Thx for the interview Nekro! 

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