September 2, 2010

Rappelz Epic 7: Awakening is coming on September 14th!

Rappelz Epic 7: Awakening is coming on September 14th!

Veiled Island A fiercer, larger, and more dangerous Veiled Island has been revealed in Epic VII: Awakening! The soul of the ice maiden Kaia greets the sun again for the first time in a thousand years and with her comes the chaotic rebirth of a long forgotten land. Everything from Marduka invaders to giant killer insects roams the Veiled Island now, and only true heroes can unearth the secrets of Kaia and her frozen lake.

Guild Update

With Epic VII: Awakening comes the much anticipated Guild revamp! An entirely new and improved guild interface will greet you as you enter Epic VII. New features include guild member ranks and notes, better support for functions such as announcements and guild websites, and integrated Time Attack Raid organization! Plus, you can spy some previews of upcoming features like the Guild Application system planned for the next part of Epic VII!

Hidden Dungeons

In Epic VII: Awakening, new challenges and treasures await dedicated adventurers! Secret dungeons have appeared around the world, and the only way in is to find their elusive - and furry - gatekeepers.

New Pet: Death Tyrant
The Death Tyrant is a suit of armor that has become possessed by a restless spirit that seeks revenge on the living. As they grow, they recover more pieces of their suit of armor and finally gain a spectral horse to ride on. Death Tyrants are vicious creatures that focus on dealing melee damage with a quick attack speed, and they can afflict their enemies with a variety of debuffs and drain health with their attacks.

Creature Combination

With the introduction of Epic 7: Awakening comes a brand new system for combining your creature cards! This section briefly covers some of the fun new features you can explore on combining creatures.
New Items

With the introduction of Epic 7: Awakening comes a variety of new items to explore! This section briefly covers some of the exciting new items you can acquire on your adventures in Rappelz.

So tell me ppl, are u ready for Epic 7? Are u excited? Whats the most interesting about it?

All info and pictures taken from Rappelz Epic VII: Awakening

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