July 20, 2010

Class: R2 Strider

  • This class is based on Agility, Evasion and Critical Power.
  • Striders are the faster class in Physical attack.
  • Is the first job of Assassin and ShadowHunter.
Pro about Strider:
  • Run fast
  • Attack fast
  • Good in Evasion
  • Is the only warrior class who cant tank.
  • Can take agro from the tank with some skills
  • Low physical attack damage
  • Low physical defense
Recommendable pets:
  • Skeleton
  • Wolf
  • Harpy
  • Blue Pixie
  • Cerberus

Is a fun class to play as an alt. and also an easy one for new comers. When i first started with Strider i liked it a lot, the speed and evasion was nice. My strider still lvl 38, I don't play it much because is in my 2nd account and i use more the first one. This one will become Assassin.
I hope this post helped u to understand better about Striders.
More to come soon.

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