July 11, 2010

About ShadowHearts Guild

ShadowHearts guild been in Rappelz since April 2007 (Epic 3) Since then, we always been a nice community. We are like a family, always helping eachothers. We been always more than 100+ members in guild Lv. 90+. We are a non-PK guild.

We offer:
Guild Events - mostly the winners get SS's and others.
Forum Events - mostly the winners gets SS's and others.
Guild DP's - We always try to invite first our guild mates to dp before outer ppl.
TA and Sieges - mostly for lvl 100+

Our Rules:
  1. Help guild mates to get dp, if u gonna start a dp, plz ask in guild first before take ppl out from guild, let help each other to lvl up.
  2. Ask guildies before selling. If someone gonna sell one item, ask the guild first if someone need it.
  3. If you have a bad attitude you may have 2 warning only, then kick.
  4. Don't talk about drugs, religion and sex. This issues can make ppl feel uncomfortable. We also have underage members.
  5. Talk with Guild Leader's in any case of problem with members or other person.
  6. Only lvl 90+ (NO ALTS) can join the guild. Once u join u can be part of the forum.
  7. Talk to the guild master before a guild war or revenge pk (if someone pked u first).
  8. About leaving the guild: If u leave, ur forum account will be delete after 7 days. Talk to a guild leader in case of rejoin.
  9. No Scammers. Scammers will be kicked after the first proof.
  10. Do not PK random players. If someone pked u, u can defend urself or even call for help in guild. In case u turn pk on, we wont help. If both have PK on same Rank or more, then is allowed. DO NOT GET WRATH. If one of the leader or officers see u with wrath can give u a warning, the 2nd warning will be a /gkick. We would like to be a non pk guild, so let try to keep it that way. Get wrath at Horizen Bridge isnt allowed. Why no wrath? We want members who can join TA, siege or DPs without wrath.
  11. Alts: Only 2 alts per member, both of them have to be lvl 50+ lower than that have to join jr guild (MiniShadows) The same that will be any lvl for new comers (till lvl 60) and alts (till lvl 50).
  12. English only in chat.
  13. Be active possible as u can and be part of the guild (participate in events, forum, dps, TA's, sieges and others). Inactive players with more than 90 days away will be kicked. Please leave a message in the "Taking a Break" section to prevent kicks.
More info: http://shadhearts.19.forumer.com

Wanna join? PM LadyLuck or EvaCassidy to join. (Plz read forum before ask for join)

Thx for reading!

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  1. El de atrás soy Yoo!
    I love seeing pictures of old days.


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