June 28, 2010

Quest Armors - Mage

As I said, here's the quest armors - Mage. Since I have 3 mage classes (Bishop, Chaos Mage and Druid) I picked up these. Please click on the images to see a bigger size.

Druid of Belief: When attacked, create a low chance of increase Physical Accuracy by 30.
R4 [Lv.80-Lv.99]
Druid of Proud: When attacked, create a low chance of casting Provoke on yourself.
R5 [Lv. 100- Lv.119]

Druid of Departed: When attacked , create a 15% chance of shooting Fireball at the attacker for 10 seconds.
R6 [Lv. 120-Lv.149]

As you can see the three armors look almost the same. The only difference is: the higher levels have more details on them. I hope they bring this version for R7 [Lv. 150+] That would be great!
These armors look the same in every class which is kind of disappointing. I'll try to get pictures of male versions and maybe one day, I'll make another post about the other armors for Summoner, Hunters and Warriors.

Thnx u for reading my blog! Have a nice day!

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