June 4, 2012

Interviewing SnakeDoC

  • Main Character name: SnakeDoC
  • Class: Cardinal 
  • Rank: T2
  • Pet you use with Main: 2 Iffy and BP depends on what I am doing
  • Location: United States, Florida
  • Guild: Ascended
  • How long u been playing Rappelz? 2008
  • Tell us about ur character: My Character is better for solo I am suppose to be support but I am built more for damage and solo. I can play that role but for the most part I solo duo trio and quad. I find that is all you need for a good dung run.
  • Why that name? It was my Call of Duty Name and I got it from the show "The Unit" if you know the show you will also notice my BP is named CoolBreeze and my RP is named BettyBo.
  • Why that class? I love playing solo but when in party I kind of like playing support as well.
  • Your favorite pet and why? Blue Pixie because the one I have not minus the staging is the same BP I have had sense day one, I rasied it myself
  • How did u know about Rappelz? Xfire a few of my Call of Duty friends wanted something new to play, we must have downloaded about 30 different mmo games when I seen Rappelz on Xfire and I believe it was just coming out of Beta for North America
  • Do u remember the epic and how was it? What ever Epic was released here after Beta I could be wrong but i believe it was EPIC3
  • What you like about Rappelz? The over all Social game with in the game, It is great to see how people from all over the world interact when we don't have our Goverments fucking everything up.
  • What would you change about it? SCREEN SHOTS and PEOPLE BITCHING WHEN THEY GET KILLED. Oh and the lazey ass use of QQ instead of saying crying even though I sound like I am right now. 
  • Tell us ur best or funniest moment in Rappelz:  The best would have to be the day hhmm?? I guess it would have to be the day I was out in the cemetery out in Hori west. I could not have been playing very long because I was working on overbreeding my second toon "back when you were a god on the server if you were lvl100" . I had just been added to Kingdom Hearts guild. I was out farming out there next to the high spawn site every one knows or knew next to the mountain. When I got my first real taste of a PKer. I don't even remember the guys name. All I remember asking was how was this guy able to kill me in guild chat. When all of a sudden I got a asked by the leader and a few of the members where I was. I told them and with in second I would say no less than 30 Kingdom Hearts showed up, a long with their allies. The next thing I knew we have all of them there and some other group of people showed up must have been about 20 of them and it was a all out war for about 2 hour war.
  • The worst thing it ever happened to you (in game)  Hacked 
  • Do you have more characters? Yes but I rarely play them I mainly use SnakeDoC
  • What do u expect of the future of the game? I believe there is enough players on all the servers to keep the gaming going for some time as long as they can get the hacking under control. I mean we have what 5 different servers now. Minus the rules they could change them all to one server one day and make them standard Fenrir type rules. So again as long as the hacking can get under control we should see this game for a few more years.
  • What are ur in-game plans? To have fun and keep playing the way I have sense the start. would like to see my guild grow a bid so we can join the fun on the weekends but it is hard to find people that are commented to just one group. You know not a clan whore.
  • How you balance and manage your RL + Rappelz? Simple I know when it is time to hit the power button. When that is off it is time for work and RL play when I am home and bored I turn the power on.
  • Tell us a bit about SnakeDoC:  Well gaming I have been playing video games sense 1982 I started on the Commodore 64 my mom got me and played it on a 10 inch black and white TV with a head phone jack in the side of it so my mom could not hear me playing it. I have had pretty much ever console out there and I still come back to the PC. I have been a guild/clan leader of JointOps Gaming Community for 13 years now http://flyingright.net. The first guild/clan name was {wFc} for the game  called Sudden Strike.

Thanks so much to SnakeDoC for this great intervew! 

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