February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Event!

Rappelz is celebrating Valentine's Day! From now until Februrary 21st, monsters throughout the land will be dropping chocolates and flowers. The following items will drop from monsters:
Chocolates: Heart White Chocolate, Fruit Filled White Chocolate, Sweet Chocolate Bar
 Rose, Orchid, Lily, Ipomoea, Soothing Herbs
If you combine the 4 different types of flowers (Rose, Orchid, Lily, Ipomoea) with 1 Soothing Herb, you will receive a Random Box that can contain any of the following:
Ring of Passion: HP/MP +100, Vit +30
Ring of Unity: HP/MP +500, Stats +30
Ring of Valiancy: HP/MP +100, Dexterity +30
Rose Bouquet or Lily Bouquet: Stamina Recovery +20%
Rupee Bag

 The rings are timed 

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