February 10, 2012

Server Slogan Contest 2012

It's that time again - express your creativity and design a new slogan and banner for our servers! There will be two phases to this event:
In Phase 1, we will be taking slogan ideas for each server! You may submit as many slogans as you like for any number of servers. Click here to go to the forum topic and submit your ideas!
In Phase 2, the winning slogans will be used to guide banner creation! Once the perfect banner has been found for each server, they will be uploaded to the server select screen!


Phase 1 (Slogan Design): Feb 9 - Feb 17
Phase 2 (Banner Design): Feb 20 - Mar 2


- All submissions must obey all forum rules
- Banners must be 450 x 150 Pixels and JPEG format
- Banners must be relevant to the slogan, and must include the full text of the slogan
- Banners must be original pieces of work but may contain non-original elements
- You may make any number of submissions for slogans and/or banners.

There will be prizes for the winners! These prizes will be announced during the course of the contest.

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