August 17, 2011

Patch Notes - 08/17/11

  • The Item Shop has been revamped!
  • New security password introduced! (Click here for more information)
  • Added +25% EXP Event!
  • Long text in chat should no longer create overlapping text on the next line.
  • The Evoker abilities "Harmony of Life" and "Beast Disguise" should now appear properly when used with staged pets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wave Cut to prevent other skills from being used afterwards.

    To create/change your "security" password, go to your wehere house, click on "create/reset".  This will send you to a page (you have to loging your account) then it will take u to another link here you make youir request.  After that you should be getting an email "soon" I had to wait almost 1hr others 4hrs.  After that you get an email that will send you to a link, there you create passworld, has to be 6 numbers. No more no less.

    When you done... 
    Booyah! Password created. Enjoy Rappelz!

    LOL! This made my night XD

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