February 13, 2011

Interviewing Ryuya

  • Joined ShadowHearts: April 2007
  • Guild Co-Leader
  • He wants MOAR because MOAR
  • He's Ricky Martin @ Sirens Island

  • Main Character name: Ryuya
  • Class: Soldier
  • Lv or Rank: 126
  • Pet you use with Main: Evo2 BluePixie Kanna
  • Location: Fenrir
  • Guild: ShadowHearts
  • How long u been playing Rappelz? Epic3 (feb 2007)
  • Tell us about ur character: Stupid class, i can't tank no more since E5 was released
  • Why that name? From AirTV anime (main name, b.pix, evo2 siren, evo3 siren and holly looter too)
  • Why that class? "I had a dream..."
  • Your favorite pet and why? Angel. Idk, I'll never have one anyways
  • How did u knew about Rappelz? Do u remember the epic and how was it? From a friend, we played a stupid beta MMO (Planeshift) which is still in beta since.. 90's i think. Epic3 gave the best event on Easter, the only one thing we can call Event since then.
  • What you like about Rappelz? Time-killer, pets (for real, only liked pets on E4)
  • What would you change about it? Go back to E4.
  • Tell us ur best or funniest moment in Rappelz: Farming or quests on Siren Island, many mobs chasing me and LadyLuck, then we called each other Shakira/Ricky Martin with our little fan girls chasing us.
  • The worst thing it ever happened to you (in game): My main class just useless since E5, can't tank and just asked to be chipper.
  • Do you have more characters? Yes
  • What do u expect of the future of the game? One class named Chipper, the character look would be the same as the Joker pet.
  • What are ur in-game plans? To find a dropped Rebirth Scroll in Rondo Center

I have to say this Ryuya picture made my day! Thank you so much for the funny moments Ryu, there's more to come!  

Want an interview? Leave a comment or send an email to shadowheartsguild@hotmail.com, there I can send you the questions (main character pic required). Interviews will be published during Sundays. 

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