February 6, 2011

Interviewing PrincessTyLee

  • Main Character name: PrincessTyLee
  • Class: Battle Kahuna
  • Lv or Rank: R7 (About to be T2)
  • Pet you use with Main: Death Tyrant (Anakin)
  • Location: HV usually?
  • Guild: OneSky
  • How long u been playing Rappelz? Since E3
  • Tell us about ur character: High attack speed and p.atk, low pdef
  • Why that name? Cuz I was watching Avatar(anime) in those days
  • Why that class? Cuz my friend had +4 buff cards in those days
  • Your favorite pet and why? Salamander cuz sallys pwn
  • How did u knew about Rappelz? Do u remember the epic and how was it? My friend was playing it. It was E3 and was terribly laggy on Friday nights
  • What you like about Rappelz? I dont know really
  • What would you change about it? I want one more stun :D(Besides that, I want dungeons like isolated from other parties, like every party will have its on dungeon)
  • Tell us ur best or funniest moment in Rappelz: I walked in LM with Lydian
  • The worst thing it ever happened to you (in game) : I got hacked
  • Do you have more characters? Yes.
  • What do u expect of the future of the game? Again, more stuns for battle kahunas :D
  • What are ur in-game plans? To get 8% more and be T2 firstly

Thx for your time Princess!

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  1. nice job ^^ if you were in Naga, i would gladly let you interview with me ^^


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