October 31, 2010

Interviewing TheBlindedSlave

  •  Joined ShadowHearts:  29 Sep 2010

Main Character name: TheBlindedSlave (Which sounds worse that it really is...sorta)
Class: Druid
Lv or Rank: 99, almost 100 ^^
Pet you use with Main: Kazooie, my Poultry. Yep, a chicken!
Location: California, USA
Guild: ShadowHearts, duh xP
How long have you been playing Rappelz? I joined Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:38 pm. =D
Tell us about your character: I give my characters personalities. Blind is actually blind, so she relies on her Gaian connection to the earth to guide and protect her. Blind is not easily trusting of others since some people would be willing to take advantage of a blind person but she loves her friends and is always willing to be of help to them. Blind also has a bad temper, literally blowing up in rage and using her magic against her opponents.
Why that name?
On my first account, my original main Hakiale, I met a sin named TheBlindedLeader who never comes on anymore. He was so fun that I created this Huna as a joke, a buff slave type. So she's technically only his slave.
Why that class? I chose Gaian because TheBlindedLeader liked the race and I decided on a support class to help him. Once I learned that I loved the class I fully leveled Blind, not OBing though since at the time I hadn't planned on being anything more than a joke and I didn't think OBing was that important :/
Your favorite pet and why? My favourite pet is my Skell whiteCteam (and his little brother s2 skell, blackCteam ;P) I met whiteCteam when his alt oGajoDoMel joined my guild, GuardianLions. He was so nice to my sister Ralise and I and he gave us stuff and since his skell was named after his friend Skyline, I named mine after him. (I got a yeti from his friend terrorizer and named it terrorizer ^^)
How did you knew about Rappelz? Do you remember the epic and how was it? My sister Ralise showed me after she was shown by our friends in the next city over. It was part 2 of 5, the end of the Navislamia stuff. I loved it from the beginning, I actually started on a DM! xD I am a mage type, I don't know why I didn't like it. I still have my first pet, ArYas, a Pantera. ^^
What you like about Rappelz? It's free! And the great people I've met.
What would you change about it? Economy is crap xD Pets are so damn expensive xP
Tell us your best or funniest moment in Rappelz: I convinced a DP that I was actually blind and my sister helped me by telling me when to attack and what my party wast saying. They seemed to buy it xD The best thing though are my friends, like AmereaGrace and whiteCteam. <3
The worst thing that ever happened to you (in game) : Probably my first PK, when I was killed as a little r2 or something.
Do you have more characters? Hakiale my Sin, Zarieal my BS, and EveaKar my cleric.
What do u expect of the future of the game? More pets. I want them to make my sister's pet (She won the most creative pet award in the Create a Pet contest! Page 8, search for Henndin)
What are your in-game plans? Get to r7 of course! I need to be of more help to the guild and I want to party with my high level friends ^^

Thx you Blind, ur a great member!

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