June 25, 2012

Weekend Sales Update

Weekend Sales Update 6/22/12

This week, you can truly test your luck! Receive up to 100 Stamina Savers and other rare items through the Lucky Box of Stamina Saver and Talented Lucky Box. Feeling lucky?

This popular lucky box is back in the item shop! This box may give you up to 100 Stamina Savers! Test your luck today!

Are you feeling lucky? This lucky box guarantees to give you 1 stamina saver and 1 animal crackers. However, you also have a chance receive following items:

E-Protect Powder x1
E-Repair Powder x1
Impact Amplifer (1 hour) x2
Mirror Amplifier (1 hour) x2
Honorary Knights TP Card Treasure Chest x1

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