October 19, 2011

Rain Pet Event Discussion

What you think about the event? Do you like it? Any good drops? Tell us your experience!

My experience: I farmed from 5pm to 11pm (non stop, kinda lifeless) I got 42 cards from different tiers.  

I heard the drop rate was much better earlier but people started to brag in the forums so GM's decreased the drop rate.  I think both are wrong by doing what they did... the bragging was stupid and the decreasing doesn't make any sense  at all, sorry GM's just my honest opinion - you know isn't the first time you do this to us, it happen almost in every drop event we get. 

Tell us about you...


  1. Why would they decrease the drop rate when the point of the event is supposed to be just that? .__.
    There is no logic in what they are doing.. all because the players brag. So what if they brag? :/ Its not the end of Rappelz anyways xD

  2. I doubt that they decreased the drop rate. More likely the number of farmers increased thereby spreading out the drops more thinly.

  3. Joe, I really doubt a RNG cares about the number of times it's called upon.


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