September 19, 2010

Interviewing EvaCassidy

  • Rappelz (USA) forum moderator  
  • ShadowHearts guild co-leader. 
  • Joined ShadowHearts: 07 May 2009
  • Queen of the Locks
  • Main Character name: EvaCassidy
  • Class: Bishy
  • Rank: R6
  • Pet you use with Main: Varies
  • Location: California or BC
  • Guild: ummm.. this one? (ShadowHearts)
  • How long u been playing Rappelz? Too long, 3+ years.
  • Tell us about ur character: Using it for anything except as a normal healer! Laughing
  • Why that name? Couldn't think of one atm, so I used my RL middle and last name.
  • Why that class? Because math was boring.
  • Your favorite pet and why? Harpy. Cause it looks like a Siren and Hawk slammed together!
  • How did u knew about Rappelz? Do u remember the epic and how was it? Former coworker, E3.
  • What you like about Rappelz? Nice chat proggy.
  • What would you change about it? The management.
  • Tell us ur best or funniest moment in Rappelz: One the test server with a GM and he got pwned by Betty, even with the special buffs.
  • The worst thing it ever happened to you (in game) : GayGuard
  • Do you have more characters? Too many.
  • What do u expect of the future of the game? Couple years left, until 2012.
  • What are ur in-game plans? Nada atm.
  • It is a hard work being Rappelz Forum Moderator? Depends. sometimes during server outages or changes in the chronicles like last week the forums will be like a bad DP, need to smack the duplicate posts, broken gayguard threads and the like. 
  • I know everyone ask you this but, why you're using a 2h axe? It's to make peeps ask me! I like my bish to stand out, why she uses other tools too. The axe will go on my huna when it's R6. 
  • How you balance and manage your RL + Rappelz? Has to be on more on RL, especially spending time with hubs. Most time I jump in when hubs is at work and there's some downtime in my telecommuting.

Thx you Eva for the interview!

Wanna an interview? Leave a comment or send an email to, there I can send you the questions (main character pic required). Interviews will be published during Sundays.

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  1. wish eva was in Naga, she couldnt be able to get out of the town :P


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