September 8, 2010

Epic 7 Preview - Death Tyrant

Rappelz will be getting a new creature with Epic 7 - The Death Tyrant.

Death Tyrants were dignified knights who suffered a great injustice before their death.

Their spiteful souls have animated suits of armor in order to carry out their revenge.

The evolutions of the Death Tyrant


Decaying Flesh

Causes the target's flesh to start decaying, dealing lasting damage for the duration.

Revenant Strike

Drains the enemy's health and increases your creature's P. Atk temporarily. The victim is cursed, decreasing their P. Def for the duration.

Unity: Death Tyrant

Increases the P.Atk and Atk. Spd. of the creature and the master.

Sura Sword

Your creature throws their weapon at the enemy.

Creation: Death Tyrant Potion

Creates a potion that increases P. Atk. and Atk. Spd. of the user.

Bloody Vengeance

Consumes a Decision of the Revenant(creature specific item) to give your pet a buff that causes your physical attacks to have a chance to heal your pet for a percentage of the damage done.


Causes damage to the target. If the target is below a certain percentage of health, there is a chance that it will be killed instantly. The target must be decaying or undead to be instantly killed by this attack.

And yes, u guessed right! Its UNIQUE PET*! So good luck trying to get one >_> I want one tho looks too cool!

* From the info i got the Tyrant will be a unique pet.

What you think about this new pet? Will you try to get one?

Source, skills source

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