September 11, 2010

Epic 7 Events

To celebrate Epic 7's arrival we are hosting some Epic Events!
Epic Experience
From September 14th to September 21st players will recieve a 25% increase in EXP!
Epic Perks
On September 14th everyone will receive a free 7 day pass to the Hidden Village.
If you already have a Hidden Village pass an extra 7 days will be added to your time!
Epic Prizes
Beginning September 14th and ending October 18th, players will receive special in-game prizes for logging in each week!
If you log-in for one day in a week you will receive an Animal Cracker; log-in for 5 days in a week and you will receive 5 Stamina Savers on top of that!
With special prizes when you play 15 and 30 days total, the more you play Epic 7 the more prizes you can win!
Prize Table
Weeks begin on Tuesdays and end on Mondays to follow our maintenance schedule.
Prizes are handed out during maintenance.
You must be level 20+ to receive the prizes.
All time are Pacific.

Its seems the Login Event was a "hit" so its back.

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