July 8, 2010

Epic 7

Hi everyone, here are some videos I found on Youtube about Epic 7. This is Korean Test Server, nothing is 100% for sure yet.

So first, we got this post from Itoki (Rappelz USA gm)

Coming in Epic VII!

Postby itoki » 10 May 2010 16:36
Hi folks,
We've got a little preview of a few of the features coming in Epic VII, due later this year

*Updated Guild System - The Guild UI will no longer be web-based, and will instead be fully integrated into the Rappelz client. There will be a new Guild Ladder implemented along with new guild functions, though we do not have detailed information on these at this time

*High Level Revamp - Most notably, the Veiled Island will be expanded to include approximately three times as much space and monster slaying action.
*Hard Mode Dungeons
- More difficult copies of all current dungeons will be created to offer a new challenge for dungeon parties. These will NOT replace the current dungeons. These dungeons will have harder monsters and better item drops than the normal dungeons.
*Decimal Fix
- Items such as soul stones which provide fractional stats will work correctly instead of always rounding down. Thus, an item that gives you 0.9% crit ratio will give you the appropriate crit ratio instead of giving you nothing.
*New Monsters
- New foes to test your mettle, including Tyrant, an undead knight.
*New Items
- Including a new Dice Cube - a strike or defense cube that can upgrade your gear for a random amount between +1 and +3 instead of always providing only a +1 benefit.
*Master Classes
- These class upgrades will provide new skills for your character. They may not arrive with the first Epic VII update, but are in development and we will provide more information as we receive it!

Please note that the release date of Epic VII has not been announced. We currently do not have an estimate on when Epic VII will go live.

Re: Coming in Epic VII!

Postby itoki » 12 May 2010 16:52
Epic VII Outline - Part I:
Scheduled for Summer 2010

1. First Phase of Guild Improvements: Guild and Community UI update.
2. Veiled Island Tripled In Size.
3. New High Level Dungeon added.
4. New Item: Koala's Dice (Increases armor or weapon enchantment value by a random amount).
5. Creature Card Combination system added. More details on this feature coming soon.
6. New monster type: Death Tyrant. Possibly also available as a new pet.
7. Bug fixes, including a fix for incorrectly calculated fractional numbers.

All features are subject to change. This outline is not a full description of upcoming updates.

Re: Coming in Epic VII!

Postby itoki » 12 May 2010 16:58
Epic VII Outline - Part II:
Release Date TBA

1. Second Phase of Guild Improvements: Improved guild and community chat system.
2. Master Classes added. More details on this feature coming later.
3. New Storyline Quests and Dungeon.
4. Racetracks added. More details on this feature coming later.
5. Inventory system revamp.
6. New pets.
7. New graphical effects for weapons and decorative items.

All features are subject to change. This outline is not a full description of upcoming updates.

And now the videos:

Rappelz Epic 7 [KTS] Some more Enchanted pets

Rappelz epic 7 [KTS] Evo 3 Harlequin

Rappelz KTS - Changing my Hair Style and Color

New Guild System (Thx you Xilita for the link)

Durability pets

Enchanted Siren +3

+1 Enchanted Angel

Pets combination

Island Expansion.

If theres more info u know about this, plz post it the comment section below. We are excited about this new things that are about to come in Epic 7.

Epic 7 release in August 2010.


  1. Glad they're fixing the decimal thingy. Maybe the game won't divide by zero!!

  2. Im not really feeling the "+ pet and you have to deal with dura" thingy....


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